Signed up for a writing class

When I went to Crimebake I heard about an intensive one day writing course provided by Mystery Writers of America-MWA University 2.0-that will be held in Boston on February 14. I immediately searched for it but it wasn’t open for registration.

Well, I was able to register on 12/30, so I am good to go! I’m really looking forward to it. I love these types of events, not only for the educational meat of the classes and panels, but for the chance to network with other writers.

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  1. Of course, instead of being at MWA University 2.0, I am sitting on my sofa drinking hot chocolate. Can we say, Blizzard?! I was going to take the commuter train into Boston, which wouldn’t have been a problem this morning. The problem would have been the train ride home. So here I am. Unfortunately, I am out the fee for the event and my train ticket, which I, being efficient, bought ahead of time. Now this won’t break me, but I hate wasting money! Plus I was really looking for to the event. Sigh.

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