Signed up for a writing class

When I went to Crimebake I heard about an intensive one day writing course provided by Mystery Writers of America-MWA University 2.0-that will be held in Boston on February 14. I immediately searched for it but it wasn’t open for registration.

Well, I was able to register on 12/30, so I am good to go! I’m really looking forward to it. I love these types of events, not only for the educational meat of the classes and panels, but for the chance to network with other writers.


One thought on “Signed up for a writing class

  1. Of course, instead of being at MWA University 2.0, I am sitting on my sofa drinking hot chocolate. Can we say, Blizzard?! I was going to take the commuter train into Boston, which wouldn’t have been a problem this morning. The problem would have been the train ride home. So here I am. Unfortunately, I am out the fee for the event and my train ticket, which I, being efficient, bought ahead of time. Now this won’t break me, but I hate wasting money! Plus I was really looking for to the event. Sigh.

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