Syl Knight / SE Knight

I am a woman who writes. I have not been published yet, though a short story, “The Curse of the Lethal Liqueur” received Honorable Mention in the 2017 Al Blanchard Award. I am also married (41 years!) with two adult children and four grandchildren. Having lived my entire life in southeastern Massachusetts, I am moving in the near future to North Carolina.

I write some Crime/Mystery and YA Fantasy. I have three novels in the works right now, one Mystery (think Jessica Fletcher or Miss Marple but younger and married with kids) and two Fantasies – one is a zombie apocalypse story, though it is equally a story of how a family survives and a story where an orphaned (adult) brother and sister go on a journey based on their grandfather’s dying words, and all the adventures that entails in a hostile landscape. I also love short stories – to read and to write – and there are a number that I have submitted to various publishers that range from Fantasy to Crime to Horror and a few Literary.

I write under a few pen names, right now SE Knight for Crime/Mysteries and Syl Knight for Fantasy/Paranormal/ YA. All of the names I chose were based on my maiden name (which surprisingly was already taken by another author).