Slacking off

After making a promise to post every week, I posted something on Aug 27th and nothing since. I’ve been slacking! Good excuse though – my daughter’s wedding and then preparing for the big party over Labor Day weekend to celebrate. Thankfully she went for the private small wedding and no reception. The party was enough for me. I think I’ve been recovering all week! Anyway, I will get back into the groove within the next few days. I promise!


New blog intentions

I haven’t posted anything in a long time – much longer than I had realized! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, because I have. I just kind of forgot about my blog. But not anymore, I am going to start posting something every week. I do have a new short story that I will post an excerpt from this week – not the whole thing, just an excerpt. Spoiler alert – it’s a spooky, kind of, but not quite, ghost love story.