I am a woman who writes. So far I am unpublished, but I am working towards that goal.

Currently, I am working on a YA fantasy, a post apocalyptic zombie story – though it is just as much about how a family survives in that situation as it is about fighting zombies. And I am working on a mystery, it is a cozy – think a contemporary Miss Marple/Jessica Fletcher, but she is married with children and all the drama that adds to her life. I have a couple of other projects on the back burner – a paranormal romance/mystery, another YA fantasy and some short stories that range from crime to apocalyptic events. You can see where my tastes lead from these projects.

I write under a few names: Syl E Knight, Syl Knight, S E Knight and Suze Knight (surprisingly there is already a Sylvia Knight, so I can’t use my actual maiden name). I want to use different names for different genres: YA, Fantasy, Horror, Crime/mystery.

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