Writing Again

Now that “every day is Saturday” and I have recovered almost 100% from my surgery in December, I find that I have the time to really concentrate on my writing. So I pulled out the three novels in process (1 mystery, 2 YA fantasies), read them and determined which to work on. The mystery is only 3 chapters in and the others are much farther along. So I am working on the fantasies.

My zombie story has 13 chapters of 25 completed and the other fantasy, which I don’t know how to characterize (a journey of discovery, maybe), has 9 of 15 chapters completed. So I have plotted out both of these books to get them completed. My goal is to finish them, at least the first draft, before we move in the spring. Both are pretty far along, so it seems possible.

Of course, I am a Pantser, not an Outliner, so my idea of plotting is to write a brief statement/paragraph as to what I want to happen in the chapter. I also have to go back and add to some of the chapters or combine two chapters into one on both books. When I wrote them originally, I determined what was in a chapter, it seems, arbitrarily. Some chapters are 4 pages long while some are 20 pages. I’m not 100% sure but chapters for YA seem shorter than in other genres, so 15 to 20 pages seems reasonable. But that is something I can do in the first editing stage.

Anyway, I am excited to be writing again!


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