After CrimeBake

I’m home now after a wonderful Crime Bake. I truly enjoyed Ann Cleeves as the Guest of Honor. She was a joy to listen to and had wonderful tidbits of advice based on hard earned knowledge and experience. Between Ann (one of my favorite Guests of Honor, second only to Craig Johnson) and the connections I made at this conference, I came away with a new enthusiasm for my writing and a determination to get it moving.

Though, to be honest, I was already enthused prior to Crime Bake because I submitted a number of short stories to a couple magazines and to Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition. And I have a few more to send to other contests or publications.

Now that I have been laid off from my full time job, I foresee having the time to concentrate on my writing. (See the silver lining around that cloud?)

As I  get more active in my writing, I expect to also start posting more comments. So expect to hear more from me soon.

At New England Crime Bake 2019

Went to two Masters classes yesterday. One by Ann Cleeves – the guest of honor this year about setting and a second by Bruce Robert Coffin about getting it real – police procedures, DNA, etc. Both were great: informative and entertaining.

Today I went to a number of panels and enjoyed them and the lunchtime interview with Ann Cleeves. I like her very much.

I really enjoyed the panel on writing a series that lasts. I picked up quite a bit that will come in handy if my Slacksville story takes off.