Time to write

I’ve taken a couple day off from work this week, and along with the holiday, I hope to have to the time to get some more writing done. I’ve already completed a scene that I needed to add in order for action later on in the book to work – 9 pages, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it entailed incorporating the research I had done into the story via action and dialog, which was fairly time consuming.

I’ve added that scene and made a few changes to what I already had to make it fit. Now to pick up where I left off originally and get my characters on the road!


One thought on “Time to write

  1. Good new is that I did finish that short story and got it submitted within the deadline. They acknowledged receipt, but nothing else so far. Bad news is that I haven’t gotten any more writing done. I can blame it on work and being sick, oral surgery (all true) but the bottom line is that I have to get my butt in gear and get my people on the road. My next writing group meeting was delayed to April 30 – so I better have something done by then!

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