Time to write

I’ve taken a couple day off from work this week, and along with the holiday, I hope to have to the time to get some more writing done. I’ve already completed a scene that I needed to add in order for action later on in the book to work – 9 pages, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it entailed incorporating the research I had done into the story via action and dialog, which was fairly time consuming.

I’ve added that scene and made a few changes to what I already had to make it fit. Now to pick up where I left off originally and get my characters on the road!

Auto Correct

I haven’t posted in a while due to the busy-ness of going on vacation (a caribbean cruise-Yay!) and the holidays (also Yay!), but now it’s time to get back to business!

I was working from home the other day and a co-worker sent me a text and I responded. For some bizarre reason auto-correct changed my “important” to “inn portability” – which doesn’t even make sense, by the way. I immediately sent another text correcting it to important. My co-worker responded with “What, no mobile hotels? I’m sorely disappointed.” That made me think, under what circumstance would a mobile hotel come into play? And, BAM! I had the idea for a new story – a series of short stories, I’m thinking.

The very next day I got my weekly email from Duotrope with new publishing opportunities. One of them was for an anthology of super-hero short stories. BAM, again!

I put the two together and came up with an awesome new series possibility that I am very excited about. Now I have to get a move on and finish my current project!