Arizad: Transmutation

This a story I’ve had in the back of mind for awhile; I’m thinking I will work on it once I finish my current project.

Arizad: Transmutation
She crouched in the underbrush, hiding from the hunter and the full moon. The shadows cast by the trees and bushes camouflaged her blonde fur. She panted softly with fear. She closed her green eyes and saw again her mate lying in the clearing, bleeding and possibly dying. A quiet moan escaped her. She heard a soft noise, a footfall; her eyes snapped open and her pupils expanded to absorb as much light as possible, so she could see him as he came near.
Walking slowly, he passed by her hiding place, peering from side to side, looking for her in the shadows. In his arms he still held the gun, the one he shot her mate with. He walked past her, and she was about to take a breath. He stopped. He turned around and came back towards her, still peering into the bushes around her.
She knew hiding wasn’t an option any more. Run or Kill. Run or Kill. Run or Kill. The words pounded over and over in her brain. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t out run the gun. But she had never killed before. Run or Kill. Run or Kill.
The hunter stopped in front of her hiding place, but was looking in the bushes on the other side of the path. She crouched lower, preparing to leap.
As if feeling her presence, the hunter straightened to his full height. He began to turn.
Her powerful hind legs pushed her into the air. Run or Kill. Run or Kill.


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